Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It really is the little things, folks

On a whim a few months ago I bought two I Like Books, because they were 50% off and cute. I can't pass up a bargain or the chance to feel like a good mom. The I Like Books are for parents to document a daily "like" about their kid. I like your big smile. I like that you are a good friend to your brother. I like that you only were in time out once today. Whatever it is. There are two spaces for everyday of the year - one for Mom and one for Dad (or however you break it down in your family).

So the books sat in the junk cabinet for the last 3 months until the other day I remembered them.  I got them out and left them on the dining room table so I couldn't forget to talk to the boy about them. The next day, O sees the books and asks me about them. I told him that it was a special book for Mommy and Daddy to write things we like about him.  Instantly his face lit up and he asked me what I had written in there.  I hadn't, so I asked him for a pencil.  He eagerly complied (a small miracle of its own) and stood at my shoulder while I wrote "I like going sledding with you. You are silly and brave." O asked me to read it to him and once I did, he was beaming.  The next thing out of his mouth: "Where's Benjamin's book?  What do you like about him?" And so our journey began. 

For the last few days at bedtime my partner and/or I record the day's likes in the books. We can't forget because O reminds us. He sits on his bed in his space pjs, glowing with pride and excitement.We get big hugs at lights out and everyone ends the day with smiles and a reminder of why we are in this crazy mess of a family.  Because we love each other.

It is so easy to focus on the mess, the screaming, the fights, and the missed opportunities of life with kids. We have to remind ourselves why we do it.  It surely ain't for the fame or the glory.  We do it because our kids are amazing creatures full of energy, curiosity, love and spirit. We do it because of love.

The I Like Books are a wonderful tool to remind us of the love.  But they are also a great way to chronicle the days, weeks and years that go by oh so fast.

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  1. thanks for sharing this...and for the reminder that my "i like" books -- including the one for mattbaxter & me! -- are in the bookcase, untouched! i'll stop waiting for the perfect moment (the first of the year, the first of a month, the beginning of a week, etc) and finally start celebrating us!


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