Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Will Ms. Yellow Sweater please stand up?

Here  I am.

Before you think I totally lost my mind, read this Double X piece on pro-life feminists (yellow sweater wearers).

I am a pro-life feminist. Which means to me that I find abortion to be a moral choice and one I am equally adverse to as any other taking of life, including the death penalty, murder, war, etc.  I do not think abortions should be illegal.  I do not think women or doctors should be harmed or penalized if an abortion is performed.  I do think that we should do everything within our power as a society to prevent un-intended pregnancies (unwanted ones) AND offer real support to women and families like low or no-cost child care, paid maternity leave and effective child support enforcement. 

Are there more women out there with their yellow sweaters hidden in their closets?  Do pro-life Democrats, like Senator Bob Casey have a chance in this partisan, hot-button issue, no time for nuanced discussion, time? I would hope so.  I would vote for her.

People who equate feminism with pro-choice miss out on a whole bunch of women.   I am not even sure what pro-choice means.  I am supportive of women being able to make informed choices regarding their reproductive and sexual health, but I don't believe that most women "choosing" to have an abortion really have a choice. They are faced with obstacles like abuse, poverty, social stigma, isolation, and lack of opportunity.  Some women don't have the choice of when and with whom to have sex or if and when to use birth control.  So how much choice is there really?!

All women should be for real reform in how we support and protect women and families.  Abortion is a symptom or effect of many causes.  Feminism is about more than our bodies, and more than ourselves.

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  1. There is so much vitriol and judgement written on both sides of the abortion debate, its really refreshing to read something so thoughtful. Thanks!!


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