Monday, August 4, 2008

Making the transition from SAHM to Working Mother

Ok, so its a little more than a week away, my return to the workforce. The boy starts daycare on Monday and I start work on Wednesday. I know I can do the job. It's everything else that is freaking me out. Will the boy like daycare? Will I like the daycare? How are the logistics going to work? Will my partner help out more with the housework? Who's going to cook dinner? Well, that would be me.

I know that people go to work and kids go to daycare/school everyday. This is not unchartered territory. But it is to us! Life has been so simple and free-flowing, but now we have to have schedules and chores and conversations about these things. I revolt against having strict timetables and schedules. I hate to have my time spoken for. Yes, I know this makes adult life a little difficult at times. Things will have to be done on certain days at certain times. This is what is causing my anxiety, not really the rest of it. The details always work out. To put it bluntly, I don't do stress well.

So any advice from mothers who are or who have juggled a working schedule with motherhood? Any tips or warnings are greatly appreciated. I have no idea what I'm doing.


  1. He will probably do a lot better with the day care thing than you! Wyatt is 19 months, so far he's been at home. I work full time, but 3 days a week, so we've been able to piece together care with family and in home babysitters..he starts day care in 2 weeks!! He has gone about 5 times to the one where I work as backup and he LOVES IT! Slept on the cot (not a crib!) ate food he doesn't eat at home, used a cup...and I was a mess! Good luck, I'm sure he will do fine.

  2. No tips or warnings...just the reminder that this will all work out and become a new reality for your family in the way it is supposed schedules, magic tricks, websites, or formulas. Just patience, caffeine, good communication with your partner, and occasional venting with friends.
    : )

    You guys will be great!

    Oh, but I will say that packing the "school" bag the night before and emptying / repacking immediately when you get home really does save some unnecessary scrambling in the AM...

  3. I think no specific tips...just enjoy what you are doing (i mean work and housework). And don'y worry with you kids at the daycare. They will enjoy the games, toys and start learning to be independent and learn how to make friends. Trust me, everything will be ok :)


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