Monday, August 16, 2010

Mother's for Women's Lib - Feminist Parenting Carnival

A little tardy, but I wanted to share the awesomeness that is included in the carnival (including my own It's a Boy post).  I am sure that anyone who reads this blog will be sure to find something of interest there. 

It's heartening for me to read posts by other women thinking about some of the issues I struggle with and offering their own insights.  So often I feel isolated and lonely in my head.  Like I am on the lookout for ways mamas get screwed over, but then I read a facebook status message from a mama friend who reports she didn't get the job because the asshole who interviewed her was concerned about her commute and her two small kids.  This mama is a single mama, sole provider for her kids. So yeah, it isn't just my paranoia. 

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