Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lessons learned through wisdom practiced

In the last couple of weeks I have learned (re-learned) valuable lessons. I'm not sharing them here because I think I am the first human to come to these realizations (haha!), but because you may need the reminder or to hear the message for the first time. It may light something within you that has dimmed. It just might. If you let it.

Live openly. Speak your truth. Open your heart. Listen, be present to others. But most importantly, be present for yourself. In those moments of stillness and mindfulness your true voice will sound. She never leads you wrong. She will tell you to do terrifying things, risking your ego and heart to ten thousand slights and injuries. Listen to Her. She knows the way to happiness. 

Gratitude is the key to happiness. You can turn almost any situation around with the eye of gratefulness. 

Feeling your feelings is necessary. You can only numb yourself for so long. And when those feelings come, it won't be pleasant, but it is necessary. Feel the hell out of those feelings and then they will transform into something else. Heartbreak can turn into gratitude. Fear can turn into courage. Sorrow can turn into joy. Anger can turn into forgiveness. But not until you have those dark nights of the soul. You really can't avoid the messy bits if you want a fulfilling life. Sorry, pal. I've tried. It doesn't work.

So there's a little peek into where my mind and heart have been recently. What have you and your mind and heart been up to? Do you have lessons you'd like to share?

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