Monday, April 28, 2008

Am I really that kind of mother?!

After browsing some blogs of mother's who are frugal, plan weekly menus, and generally kick my ass in the organized department, I realized there are some ways to economize and generally make my life easier. The first thing I thought I would try was planning our dinners for this week. It really wasn't hard. I thought about what we had and looked through a cookbook for ideas. And I came up with four meals (we have a birthday in the family this week so we're getting pizza!). Most of which I only need one or two ingredients from the store, the rest was already in the pantry, frig or freezer. So then I made up the grocery list of the things we actually needed for those meals and in general. In the end, a shopping trip tallied to just under $80. I followed the list; only two items purchased not on it, but still needed and I forgot one thing I have to pick up later. I have to say I am pretty self-satisfied and think this could become a regular pattern.

But then on the other I really the kind of woman who plans a week's meals, writes lists, and then brags about it on her blog (however un-read it may be). It appears I am. But is becoming more organized and saving a little effort and money really that bad? Aren't I being a good mother, a good consumer, and a good partner by planning healthy low-cost meals? I'd like to think I am. But I can't help feeling a little dorky, a little June Cleaver.

Is this the first step down the slippery slope that leads to mom jeans and Christmas sweaters?
Is there something you have found yourself doing in the name of frugality or organization that makes you feel a little dorky?

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  1. I tried Menu Plan Monday on another blog once and I failed miserably - probably because I can't cook. In fact, I just started learning to cook.

    Nearly 8 years of marriage and 2 kids and I still can't make them a decent meal 5 nights a week - maybe 1 or 2, but never 5, let alone 7 - just give me my takeout menus! LOL!!!



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