Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Baby Blowout?

After reading this article in Philadelphia Magazine I'm feeling both disgusted and a little like a loser. I am not even sure I know what a blowout is, well not the ones that happen in spas anyway. The blowouts I know happen to tires or diapers. And yet there are six and eight year olds experiencing manicures and blowouts on a regular basis here in my home town. I'm not as disturbed by all that as I am about the idea of giving a pre-pubescent girl a bikini wax. Yes, a bikini wax for someone without pubic hair. How does that even work?

Whether this is a trend for just the uber-wealthy socialites or a general trend for the masses, it is all too disturbing for words. When exactly will we stop sexualizing little girls? And where is the age cap: six, four, six months? This trend says too much about the deep illness and insanity of this culture. We are so caught up in the illusion of the physical that we cannot see the damage we do to the eternal and internal with these stupid attempts at beauty/control. How empty these mothers must feel! No number of spa treatments will ever help your child feel beautiful. Truly seeing your child as they are is the only beauty treatment she needs.

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