Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How to save money and time....

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Don't go shopping.

I have started a habit of reading several thrifty mom blogs and I'm starting to see a pattern of behavior that disturbs me. These women (or at least some of them) shop a lot. Sure they get stuff for free and get like a week's groceries for $40, but it seems all too much for me. They may save money on the purchases they make, but they consume as much as the people who shun coupons, buy whatever they want and live at the mall. These bloggers (and readers) may be thrifty, but they sure aren't frugal.

Our family works hard (not zealots by any means) to consume less and reuse and recycle everything possible. We don't go shopping on a regular basis. I do the grocery shopping each week (one trip to the chain grocery and one order to the local/sustainable food market(to which we walk)). But other than that I may make a trip every two weeks for clothes or household items or a present. Maybe.

But mostly I don't understand how someone can make trips to 8 different stores to get food and other necessities, and not feel tired, stressed and like they wasted buckets of time (the most precious commodity of all).

Is there a line where trying to save money becomes wasting time and effort (not to mention gas)?

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