Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Kid in Me...

Well, really it's my actual kid. I am entering the "Kid in me" contest over at 5 Minutes for Mom (you should too). The grand prize is a Wii (yes, for real). I have wanted a Wii since I first heard about them.

I picked this photo because it sums up childhood for me: a time to try new things, a time of challenges, a time to dream big. My son tried to make baskets for over 15 minutes without ever getting mad or frustrated. And he was 20 months old. Priceless!

So good luck to all the other entrants. I have looked at some of the photos and they are all great. Join us.


  1. Hi,

    I'm Audrey. I found you on MommyFest. Even though the party is over, I'm loving meeting others and reading their blogs.

    It's a cute photo. We have a Wii and I love it. It's quite a workout playing some of the games.

  2. Oh, so sweet.
    Someday he'll be dunkin' them in there!

  3. thanks for the contest link...I'm so in on that! This momma wants a wii also, specifically for the wii fit! Good luck to you!


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