Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Menu Planning Update

Quite to my own surprise we are on week 3 of Nicole's Menu Planning Kick. So far, so good. I have stuck to my plans, except for a couple changes. Tonight we are doing beef stroganoff. Basically I follow Betty Crocker's recipe but just slow cook the beef since I bought some cheap stew meat.

I have decided that planning our weekday dinners doesn't make me an uber-mommy-dork. I'm just making my own life easier and making sure we eat at least two meat-free meals a week. Motherhood and SAHM-hood has taught me the power of planning ahead, although often the plans have to be tweaked. But flying by the seat of your capris doesn't often make for happy family life...at least not in our house. At least not when it comes to feeding time.

What meal time organization trick helps you the most?


  1. I have a menu planner that I use to plan meals for the month (but I only do 2 weeks at a time). Then I just put the ingredients for those meals onto my grocery list and it helps to ensure a little less craziness in our house at dinnertime (plus I save money, too).

  2. thanks for vising me :) I think that the area of meal planning is where I fail most often. I'm off to take a read of your tips!

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  4. I do our meals on a weely basis too. Each week one kid gets to pick out a new ecipe form the Kraft Food and Family Magazine we get in the meal each season, one night is leftovers and the rest I plan. I find it better that way when I know what's for dinner that night. Spice World


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