Thursday, May 8, 2008

Stuff of interest to thinking mamas.....

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Are SAHM's the new "cheap labor"? From
Veronica at has a great take on Michelle Obama quitting her job
Is feminism an attack of the body? From Jennifer Roback Morse.

I think that SAHMs get paid less (or agree to less pay) because they value the experience more than the money. As a mom who's been out of the workforce for almost two years, I savor the time I do get working on small freelance projects from time to time. My hourly rate is actually pretty good, but I would probably do the same work for less, and happily. Keeping skills fresh and networking are invaluable to women wanting to re-enter the full time work-world in the future. And is the only mark of our value our paychecks? If so, then sisters we are in trouble!

I'm reading Amy Richards' new book and so have been thinking about feminism and our female bodies. I agree with Morse that on some level feminism is rejecting the biological realities of our bodies, especially when it comes to fertility and reproduction. If motherhood and reproduction are hindrances and oppressions one should avoid, then where do all our future sisters come from? Isn't there a biological imperative that we reproduce ourselves? And haven't we learned from our dystopian works of art that removing the biology and humanity from reproduction is a bad idea? See Brave New World.

And on to my favorite future First Lady....Michelle Obama will get slack from everyone no matter what she chooses, because she's a strong woman married to the future Leader of the Free World (please, please, let me get what I want this time). Sometimes in life we have to choose to do what's best for our families, for our partners, for ourselves, and it may not fit into the mold as feminist or mother or strong woman or whatever else others want us to be. Rock on Sister Obama, I've got your back.

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