Thursday, July 3, 2008

Brain, Child subscription up for grabs!

Announcing a very fun and exciting contest.

The prize: a year's subscription to Brian, Child magazine (my absolute favorite magazine). I am so excited to share this treasure with other mothers. If you don't already read it regularly, please give the site a look and consider subscribing (I'm not gaining anything if you do, but you surely will.).

The Contest: Brain, Child features a section called Back Talk in every issue, where readers share funny stories, poems, etc. in response to a clever question created by the editors. It is one of my favorite parts of the magazine. So here's my take on their good ideas: Leave a comment with an original haiku (see here for instructions/tips) about your average day as a mother. Here's my lame attempt:

rise to sun and child
smile scold laugh plead play read
twinkle twinkle sleep

The Rules: One entry per person. Winner will be selected at random on July 25th after noon. Only comments with haikus will be considered for the drawing. Make sure I have a way to contact you.

Special thanks to the wonderful folks at Brain, Child who are graciously donating the subscription.

Good luck!!


  1. Bunnytown morning
    dont climb that you'll fall oh no
    8 pm wine time

  2. Great idea Nicole! Here's my attempt... and I'm happy you're picking the winner at random, instead of the best one!

    early wake eat play
    snuggles hugs kisses my love
    Daddy's home fun sleepy boo

  3. This magazine looks great!! Thank you for the giveaway :)

    Here is my haiku:

    Cereal and milk
    Dora, Diego and read
    Time to play outside

  4. Fun idea! I'm not good at this but will give it a shot.

    Hurry don't be late
    Lots of things to do today
    Children, work and more

  5. It's not great, but it was a fun exercise to try to summarize the major points of my day!

    Hectic morning rush
    Hide with the grown-ups a while
    Laugh, play, cuddle, sleep

  6. I'm dying for a subscription to B, C. (It's not in the budget.) Here's my contribution:

    Paint everywhere.
    She says, Look Mommy, look! I
    smile anyway.

    arlongerbeam at gmail dot com

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  8. I'm not technically a mom yet. Two more months to go! But I'll throw my hat in the ring anyway:

    Insomnia, gas
    Swollen feet, face and belly
    A kick makes me smile

    nycol1300 at yahoo dot com

  9. "Mom-mee!" they swarm me
    bare feet, dark eyes bright from sleep
    Eat, play, love. Then: work.

    Jorie Mark


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