Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What am I proud of this week?

Well today I got lost on my way to meet a friend for a walk (we are training for the Breast Cancer 3 Day). I wasn't going to an unfamiliar place and it wasn't like I had bad directions. I was going via the highway when I saw a bunch of traffic backed up ahead, so I got off and ventured via an alternate state route. Well, wouldn't you know there was a detour and I got turned all around in a town I have been in a thousand times, but rarely driving and not much since I've been an adult. I tried the map, but only had a map with little detail, so it was no use to me. I tried calling my mom, but she wasn't home. I refused to call my partner because he would have teased me, but would have helped. I wasn't quite desperate enough for that. So I kept driving in what I believed was the right direction and eventually found my way to a road I know. I made it to meet my friend, but about 45 minutes late. Luckily, she had been delayed by some roadkill clean up. We loaded the kiddies in the strollers and walked for about 45 minutes in the heat and blazing sun.

So what am I proud of?
I'm proud that I kept going and didn't give up. A few times I thought of turning around and going home (but honestly wouldn't have known how to get there either). But I didn't turn around. I thought about suggesting we just head for lunch at the mall, but we walked. And we got to see this show of friendship between two little people we love.

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  1. Way to go - if that were me in that situation a few years back - I might have just given up - luckily, we got one of those GPS thingies for the car and it is tremendously helpful. I'm glad that you guys still were able to hook up and go for your walk.


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