Sunday, September 21, 2008

Equally Shared Parenting is totally do-able.

Equally Shared Parenting has a great piece about giving up the mommy pay-off. Meaning, mothers giving up their role as number one parent, and sharing the honor with their co-parent.

I am amazed by how my partner has stepped up to be a truly involved and invested parent, and a super Daddy. I think now we are pretty darn close to being equal in the time and energy we put into our parenting. I do probably have more hours, just because I'm home with the boy two weekdays, but on the weekends that may balance out. I cannot imagine trying to work part time, train for the Breast Cancer 3 Day, study for the GRE (and other grad school-related activities) with the cooperation of a willing partner. I do not know ow other women tackle all work outside the home and then turn around and do all the parenting and housework. It seems impossible and unjust to me.

Now, I do handle 90% of the household stuff, minus most yard work and the trash/recycling. Although this week I did mow the lawn. But this is just our deal. In turn I don't shovel snow, worry about the bills, or deal with car-related tasks.

It seems as my plate gets fuller, so does my partner's plate. That just seems like the only way love and true respect could make it work.

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