Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Here's to a heart-felt holiday!

In our house we don't go crazy at Christmas time. Hell, in some ways I have no idea why we even celebrate Christmas, we are not Christian....but we are American, so we celebrate one of the holiest of days (to Christians) with a fake spinning tree, some presents, lots of cookies, and don't forget the booze.

Our son is getting three gifts from his parents: a Waldorf doll, a new lunchbox and a toy transit bus. But before you feel sorry for him, his grandparents will be giving him a tent, an easel, some cars and trucks and, who knows what else. So we don't see the need to go all crazy and flood our house with plastic crap. He has plenty of toys.

We work hard at having "the holidays" mean more than presents and "give me!" We focus on welcoming family and friends into our home. Sharing good food and drink. Being grateful and happy for the lovely life we have.

We have some Christmas traditions of our own: Scrabble games, watching A Christmas Story and South Park's Christmas Special (Mr. Hanky!!!) on Christmas Eve, opening presents one at a time on Christmas morning, and baking lots of cookies.

So what I am really trying to say: share your special family traditions with your kids. Play some games. Eat too much. Listen to your parents' stories (if you are lucky to have them around). But don't stress out about buying this or getting that. It so isn't about the presents. Do you really remember what you got last year? Do you remember what you gave?

Remember holidays are supposed to be enjoyable, right?

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  1. We have also gone on the few pressies lark. Having just moved countries and seen how many toys and presents we chucked out or gave away and when we arrived here it was three months before the toys etc arrived - and they did not miss any of it!! So we have asked family to give one gift only and we give them one only - this last christmas they got a total of 5 gifts each - and neither of them felt deprived adn my oldest even said how much he enjoyed it being simple!


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