Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Potty Training Ain't for the Weak of Heart or Stomach

We are in the midst of potty traing and it is wearing on me.  For the most part, things are going great, more goes in the potty than on the floor.  But I am the parent doing the training and the cleaning up.  And I don't like it.

True, I have more overall time with the boy.  True, I am the one who tends to lead any new household routine.  But why is it that way?  Because I make it that way?  Because men just don't care about the things we women do?  Because I'm the mom and I said so?

To offer a few lessons learned in the potty training realm:  

1. Don't ask, tell.
Tell the child it is time for the potty.  If you ask they almost always say no.

2. Bribes work.
Whether it is candy, juice, tv, chocolate chips, stickers, books, whatever.  Go with it.  Bribery will get you everywhere.

3. Pull ups are diapers; they don't help.

I offered a little feedback to my partner this morning about my need to have some help with the actual work of getting the boy diaper-less.  And you know what, within 30 minutes said partner was in the bathroom with said boy, reading books and sitting.  So maybe a little feedback goes a long way.  Or maybe I just had the right amount of bitchiness in my voice.  I go with bitchiness, it works best when used sparingly.  A lot of women forget that last part.

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