Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A View of One's Own

Lots of Birds
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I think everyone needs to have a place near home they can go to for a quiet walk and commune with Nature. My place is John Heinz Wildlife Refuge. In the most unlikely of locations (between I-95, Philadelphia International Airport and Sunoco refineries), a rich and diverse collection of migratory birds meet and mingle all year round. Every trip the scenery is different, and I am always left with a sense of belonging and wonder. If we move away from Philadelphia, this may be the place I miss the most, well after Reading Terminal Market.

Where's the place you go for solace? Or for reconnecting to yourself or the world?

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  1. Nicole, I like your blog and found it via Seed magazine. Re EARTH DAY comments. It's good you have a place to go to relax and reflect, near nature. Nature is everywherem yes.

    i live in Taiwan, south island, and go to a nearby temple shrine where it's quiet, a park nearby, and read the paper and think about polar cities in the future, which is what my work revolves around now:

    Did you ever hear of my project? GOoglge "polar cities" and u will see lots of info. The New York Times blogged about polar cities idea on march 29. still archived at Dot Earth.

    I wonder if you can look at images of polar cities here and tell me if you think it might happen or not, and maybe even blog about the idea, pro or con? I am interested in hearing all views, from all sides. i am no longer interested in mitigation. I feel we need to focus on adaptation now. NOW!

    Agree? Disagree?

    Email me at danbloom GMAIL

    Tufts 1971


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