Monday, May 10, 2010

The Kids are Watching

A fellow, blogger, friend and thinking mama whom I deeply respect for her sharing her personal journey of Radical Hateloss has shared a valuable insight for mothers in honor of Mother's Day.  We do owe it to ourselves and our children to love ourselves without reservation, and live our true inner lives.

Over the last year or so I have really found my inner voice and strength through taking time to develop my mind, spirit and body through my journeys as both a newbie runner and as a graduate student.  I have to say that running has given me so much in terms of appreciation for my body, an understanding of my own strengths, and a commitment to myself and "me time".  This pregnancy has been hard on me because I have been sacrificing some of my "me time" that was devoted to running and exercise, some due to tiredness and inability to do the activities, but also due to laziness.  It's easy to blame the pregnancy.  But I have also had to give some "me time" over to my studies, which are also enjoyable and challenging, but in obviously different ways.  In pursuit of both academic/intellectual and physical improvement, I have come to have a real love for my own awesomeness.  I AM someone who can have a beautiful happy family life AND maintain high standards at work and school.  I AM a woman who can grow a human life, while having fun with friends and forging new professional connections.  I AM a woman who can chase around a three year old and plant a vegetable garden while 9 months pregnant.  I AM pretty amazing. 

So are you.

Thanks to Stephanie for reminding me of this very important lesson.

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