Friday, November 16, 2012

Cause Elvis told me so

My mom likes to listen to gospel music. Well, she likes to listen to Elvis singing gospel songs to be exact. Her favorite song on that cd is "Only Believe". Ok, so maybe it isn't her favorite, but it is definitely mine. The title is basically my life's motto. Now Elvis is singing about God and Jesus and faith in the divine. I don't mean that kind of belief.. I mean faith in oneself, faith in your fellow humans, faith in the best happening in the end, faith that it will all be 'as it should', to quote the Desiderata.

Because this is my life's motto, I have taken on the project to stuff 50 backpacks full of toiletries, hats, gloves, socks, snacks and other essentials and treats for the guests at the Student Run Emergency Housing Unit of Philadelphia (SREHUP). Last year we collected enough stuff to fill 32 backpacks and had 32 blankets to donate as well. That experience was magical and life-motto-affirming. I had a crazy idea to do some good and then I just willed it to happen. By willing it to exist I really mean nagging the hell out of everyone I knew through emails, Facebook posts, phone calls, and public solicitations until I made it reality.But that's part of 'Only Believe'.

Part of Believing is Doing. You can't just sit on a bench in the park and believe your face off and actually expect the good things to happen. Well, you could expect it, but you would be disappointed 99.999% of the time. Part of the Believing is Believing in your fellow humans. Believing that they are good and generous and helpful. Believing that together we can do anything, that all things are possible. But not alone. Not all by ourselves. I couldn't make this project a reality all by myself, well I could if I had a lot of money. I need all the generous donations from friends, family and colleagues to make this real. I need their Belief in me that I can make this happen. Their Belief in me makes me even more dedicated to making this real

And there's the magic. I Believe in others ANDthey Believe in me. And that's how we make this magical thing happen. How much more Christmas Spirit and Reason for the Season can we get?! Ok, it's before Thanksgiving so I'll keep the Christmas references to a minimum. But do you get where I'm going with this?

Thoughts create reality because thoughts create actions.

Belief + Doing = All Things

It's not just me. Ask Elvis.

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